China: Europe Instead of the US?

Following to the US’s geopolitical reorientation after President Trump’s inauguration and re-clarification of his interests, China will be seen intensifying investments in Austria and Southeast Europe. The Chinese One Belt One Road initiative, increasing connectivity between China and Eurasia, is going to be a key instrument in this process.

This is the general consensus among attendants of the recent “Wolf Theiss China Breakfast” in Vienna, gathering experts, international CEOs and managers to discuss China’s new orientation in the global economy.

Wolfgang Maurer, partner of ARACON, explains China’s new relationship with Europe in an interview, published on ORF’s Ö1 (German).


Left: Christian Mikosch, Partner Wolf Theiss; Wolfgang Maurer, Partner ARACON; Shan Luo, Head of China Desk, Raiffeisen Bank International AG; Kurt Retter, Partner Wolf Theiss.

Further Reading (German):


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