China: Europe Instead of the US?

Following to the US’s geopolitical reorientation after President Trump’s inauguration and re-clarification of his interests, China will be seen intensifying investments in Austria and Southeast Europe. The Chinese One Belt One Road initiative, increasing connectivity between China and Eurasia, is going to be a key instrument in this process.

This is the general consensus among attendants of the recent “Wolf Theiss China Breakfast” in Vienna, gathering experts, international CEOs and managers to discuss China’s new orientation in the global economy.

Wolfgang Maurer, partner of ARACON, explains China’s new relationship with Europe in an interview, published on ORF’s Ö1 (German).

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Was Iran Just a Hype?

Bijan Khajehpour

Five reasons to re-evaluate Iran’s opportunities.

In the run-up to the announcement and implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that initiated the lifting of nuclear-related sanctions against Iran, there were high expectations for the last major frontier market that would offer massive opportunities to Western companies. Today, almost a year after the JCPOA implementation, there is a sense of disappointment.   Continue reading

Helden Schurken Visionäre, Rahim Taghizadegan

Heroes, Villains, Visionaries

Entrepreneurs carry risk and uncertainty, and in this lies their possible greatness. But there is a fine line between heroes and villains, between value and profit. Here then comes the contrepreneur.

An interview with Rahim Taghizadegan.

2_heroes-villains-visionaires_book9783898799317xxlDo you have to be crazy to still become an entrepreneur in Europe? Or have entrepreneurs always been the crazier ones? These are questions Rahim Taghizadegan asks in his book Helden, Schurken, Visionäre: Entrepreneure waren gestern – jetzt kommen die Contrepreneure (English: Heroes, Villains, Visionaries: Entrepreneurs are the Past – Here Come the Contrepreneurs). And while there is no definite answer on the insanity of entrepreneurs per se, Taghizadegan constructs a grand picture of entrepreneurship throughout time. Continue reading

Iran Revives Its Energy Industry

Iran is inviting international companies to bid for oil field development rights. The reigning government is looking to revive its energy industry after years of crippling sanctions. Iran is hoping to raise around $30 billion.

What protections are in place for international companies?

Economist and Iran Market Analyst Dr. Bijan Khajehpour in an interview with Al Jazeera English.


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Lean Lesson 2:

 Deadly Wastes in Your Business – Services vs. Production

Eike Böljes

Read Lean Lesson 1 here.

Today, we have more companies operating in services than in production. Especially in the past decade, service providers have increased significantly and even surpassed the production sector. What has been neglected throughout this development, however, is the new optimisation potential that has come along. Continue reading

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China’s Investment Adventures #2/2: Shopping Spree in Europe

Wolfgang Maurer

Read Chinese Investment Adventures 1/2 here.

For over ten years, China’s market for luxury and premium products experienced a constant, and partly even steep growth. Until 2014 came and it finally slowed down. While several causes led to this decline, some of the most visible were a plunging stock market, a weaker currency, and beginning anti-corruption campaigns throughout the country.
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