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Lean Lesson 2:

 Deadly Wastes in Your Business – Services vs. Production

Eike Böljes

Read Lean Lesson 1 here.

Today, we have more companies operating in services than in production. Especially in the past decade, service providers have increased significantly and even surpassed the production sector. What has been neglected throughout this development, however, is the new optimisation potential that has come along. Continue reading

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Lean Lesson 1:

How to Keep Your Services On Fleek

Eike Böljes

When it comes to a nation’s most significant economic output, most people associate leading export countries such as Germany, the US, and Japan with their most famous physical products. Automotive, IT, and apparel are only a few well-known examples. What many people don’t know, however, is that these products don’t actually dominate the economic landscape. It’s the service sector that contributes most to their GDP. Continue reading

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Why Your Attitude Towards Trust is Costing You Value

Patrick Etz

Inspiring trust. Nothing else is more essential to true leadership. Yet, we’re used to taking this ‘soft’ and ‘fuzzy’ skill for so granted that we’ve forgotten how it works.

Then something like the VW scandal happens and rocks the business world, and suddenly, trust becomes an enormous issue again. Here too, the old saying applies: you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Continue reading

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The Secret Book of Strategy

Alexander Schwartz

When I still worked with McKinsey & Company, a senior manager once asked me during a kick-off dinner for the firm’s Strategy Book. I explained that such a book didn’t exist, but he didn’t believe me. In fact, he became rather upset and insisted on receiving the book ASAP, as it had to be part of the strategy study we were about to deliver. Continue reading