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China’s Investment Adventures #2/2: Shopping Spree in Europe

Wolfgang Maurer

Read Chinese Investment Adventures 1/2 here.

For over ten years, China’s market for luxury and premium products experienced a constant, and partly even steep growth. Until 2014 came and it finally slowed down. While several causes led to this decline, some of the most visible were a plunging stock market, a weaker currency, and beginning anti-corruption campaigns throughout the country.
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China’s Investment Adventures #1/2: Impossible Foods & Possible Gains

Wolfgang Maurer

The times of Made in China as the country’s global go-to attribute are coming to an end. There’s a new trait in town and it’s safe to say it’s just as catchy: Made by China says hello.

The recent surge of outbound investments have secured China a place as a major player in the global investment market. In fact, China is even predicted to become one of the world’s largest overseas investors, tripling global offshore assets from $6.4tn now to nearly $20tn by 2020. And best of all, China comes not only equipped with abundant funds, but an image of confidence and expertise in future ventures. Continue reading

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Why Your Attitude Towards Trust is Costing You Value

Patrick Etz

Inspiring trust. Nothing else is more essential to true leadership. Yet, we’re used to taking this ‘soft’ and ‘fuzzy’ skill for so granted that we’ve forgotten how it works.

Then something like the VW scandal happens and rocks the business world, and suddenly, trust becomes an enormous issue again. Here too, the old saying applies: you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Continue reading

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How An Austrian Enterprise Went Global

Frauscher Success

An interview

It has been a rushing decade for the Frauschers. The Upper Austrian family have risen above their roots based in the small town of Gmunden and are now an international trendsetter. At events and exhibitions, major shipyard owners from across the world seek them out to ask what they’ve been up to. Even their image reflects their approach. From crisp shirts to crisp hair, they radiate clarity and transparency. When they speak, they are quick and straight-forward. Looking closer into their approach, it very soon shows that the Frauschers have found their perfect business strategy. Continue reading

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China has a lot of money, but no time

Wolfgang Maurer
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Why has China been so keen on investing in European entities? Recent trends in Sino-European business relations and an analysis on the surge of China’s presence in the West.

It’s not a question anymore. Chinese outbound investment has been on the rise and keeps up with a steady track. The trend was kicked off by state-owned enterprises acquiring shares abroad. The result? A recent boom, which is fuelled by Chinese private equity firms now eyeing European targets for acquisition. Continue reading