Helden Schurken Visionäre, Rahim Taghizadegan

Heroes, Villains, Visionaries

Entrepreneurs carry risk and uncertainty, and in this lies their possible greatness. But there is a fine line between heroes and villains, between value and profit. Here then comes the contrepreneur.

An interview with Rahim Taghizadegan.

2_heroes-villains-visionaires_book9783898799317xxlDo you have to be crazy to still become an entrepreneur in Europe? Or have entrepreneurs always been the crazier ones? These are questions Rahim Taghizadegan asks in his book Helden, Schurken, Visionäre: Entrepreneure waren gestern – jetzt kommen die Contrepreneure (English: Heroes, Villains, Visionaries: Entrepreneurs are the Past – Here Come the Contrepreneurs). And while there is no definite answer on the insanity of entrepreneurs per se, Taghizadegan constructs a grand picture of entrepreneurship throughout time. Continue reading

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Lean Lesson 1:

How to Keep Your Services On Fleek

Eike Böljes

When it comes to a nation’s most significant economic output, most people associate leading export countries such as Germany, the US, and Japan with their most famous physical products. Automotive, IT, and apparel are only a few well-known examples. What many people don’t know, however, is that these products don’t actually dominate the economic landscape. It’s the service sector that contributes most to their GDP. Continue reading

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How to Add Your Share to a Sustainable Future

Johannes Krainer

We’ve been talking about a sustainable future for a long time now, but one thing still strikes me: Many people are just waiting for it to happen. Of course this isn’t the way to success, nor is it the way towards sustainability.

Instead, I like to look at the future like building a puzzle. Skill by skill, idea by idea, we all have to add a piece. What contribution can you make? Here are 7 questions to ask yourself to approach a new business or simply re-evaluate a current one. Continue reading