Helden Schurken Visionäre, Rahim Taghizadegan

Heroes, Villains, Visionaries

Entrepreneurs carry risk and uncertainty, and in this lies their possible greatness. But there is a fine line between heroes and villains, between value and profit. Here then comes the contrepreneur.

An interview with Rahim Taghizadegan.

2_heroes-villains-visionaires_book9783898799317xxlDo you have to be crazy to still become an entrepreneur in Europe? Or have entrepreneurs always been the crazier ones? These are questions Rahim Taghizadegan asks in his book Helden, Schurken, Visionäre: Entrepreneure waren gestern – jetzt kommen die Contrepreneure (English: Heroes, Villains, Visionaries: Entrepreneurs are the Past – Here Come the Contrepreneurs). And while there is no definite answer on the insanity of entrepreneurs per se, Taghizadegan constructs a grand picture of entrepreneurship throughout time. Continue reading

frauscher boats, 1017 GT, global business, boat builder, yacht builder

How An Austrian Enterprise Went Global

Frauscher Success

An interview

It has been a rushing decade for the Frauschers. The Upper Austrian family have risen above their roots based in the small town of Gmunden and are now an international trendsetter. At events and exhibitions, major shipyard owners from across the world seek them out to ask what they’ve been up to. Even their image reflects their approach. From crisp shirts to crisp hair, they radiate clarity and transparency. When they speak, they are quick and straight-forward. Looking closer into their approach, it very soon shows that the Frauschers have found their perfect business strategy. Continue reading

Essentialist Talks – Bijan

‘Understanding Creates Integrity’

Dr. Bijan Khajehpour is a co-founder and partner of Atieh International.

Bijan KhajehpourHow would you introduce the essence of your work?
I have a deep interest in understanding socio-political developments and subsequently sharing and communicating this knowledge. There are many misperceptions surrounding Iran, the Middle East and the Islamic world in general. A large part of what I do is trying to create awareness and address these misconstructions. Continue reading

Essentialist Talks – Patrick

‘Connecting Across Cultures and Generations’

Patrick Etz is a co-founder and managing partner of ARACON.

Patrick Etz ARACON

How would you introduce the essence of your work?
I believe that we share basic values and also business principles across all ethnic, religious and political dimensions, and I want to prove these similarities. As an international consultant, it’s always at the heart of my work to identify such shared values because that’s the way to great partnerships. I often find hidden transaction benefits to all parties they weren’t aware of. Continue reading

Essentialist Talks – Wolfgang

‘Driving New Potential’

Wolfgang Maurer is a co-founder and partner of ARACON.

Wolfgang Maurer AraconHow would you introduce the essence of your work?
I’m passionate about taking on chances to grow and excel continuously, to use our freedom and tap the full potential. The best way to do this is to take on challenges, no matter their scope or complexity. As a consultant, I work with a variety of clients who seek to create strong presences or new opportunities; in other words, clients who want to grow and excel.

Continue reading

Essentialist Talks – Johannes

‘To Do Business Is To Change’

Johannes Krainer is the founder and managing partner/CEO of commuto GmbH.

Johannes Krainer commuto

How would you introduce the essence of your work?
Change has always been a constant in my life. I needed to adapt to new places or positions in order to get ahead, not just professionally. This fascination with the concept of change, the possibility to grow, has followed me into my work. That’s why I named my company commuto – it’s Latin for “change”! Continue reading